A frame multitool!

Framed seperates all the frames into separate windows. Info is given in the scroll bar about number of opened frames, if the page is non-framed or if the page has Off-server frames.

Press CTRL just after launch to reload the current page with it's "real URL", or ALT to reload all open pages with their "real URLs"! This is useful if a page creates links that go through their URL like links in Hotmail will for example:

will be reloaded as:


Reloading with "real URLs" also works on Google's cached pages. Just launch Framed and hit ALT or CTRL just after launch and the cached pages will be reloaded as their original ones.




Version 1.1 - better fit for pageless jpegs.

Resizes all too big images to fit the screen in both height and width on current or all open tabs. The status bar shows the progress and result.  For MyIE2 0.9.13 and later.




Version 1.0

Autosaves (menu File -> Autosave) current/all open tabs. For "Autosave THIS tabs" selected text is the save name. Date and time will be added to the save name. "NameAutosave" lets you choose any name for saved pages. Standard save options added too, for convenience. For 0.9.13+.

Known issue: I've had problems with saving mht-files (as in Autosave) at times. This is probably because of bugs in IE. See this post.




Version 1.0

Creates a mail in your default mail program with the titles and URLs in the message. If you select any text in the page it will also be included! Combined version with MailThisTab and MailAllTabs. For MyIE2 0.9.13 and later.




Version 1.1 - changed the name from "...Window" to "...Tab" to avoid confusion with the IE equivalent.

The file Open_Frame_in_New_Tab_Installer.vbs will add an "Open Frame in New Tab" context menu option that will open the frame in a new MyIE2 window/tab.

1. Install it.
2. Restart MyIE2
3. Right-click on a web page (preferably a page with frames)
4. Choose "Open Frame in New Tab" form the context menu
5. The frame will open in a new tab in MyIE2

1. Run Open_Frame_in_New_Tab_Installer.vbs
2. Follow the instructions

1. Go to Windows ordinary "Add/remove program" control panel.
2. Choose "Open Frame in New Tab for MyIE2" and click "Remove".
3. Follow the instructions
4. Open_Frame_in_New_Tab_Installer.vbs will now remove the "Open Frame in New Tab" folder and all registry keys created on install.

None so far. Tested on XP.

Open_Frame_in_New_Tab_Installer.vbs will create a folder called "Open Frame in New Tab" in MyIE2s plugin folder and add a file called Open_Frame_in_New_Tab.htm, and also copy itself there.
It will also add two registry keys. One at HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Open Frame in New Tab\ and one at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Open Frame in New Tab for MyIE2\.

All files and registry keys will be deleted on uninstall.

No responsibility taken. Use it on your own risk.



Alarm Clock

Version 1.3 - bug fixes (not updating countdown timer, error on repeat timings)

An alarm clock. Will play a signal of your choice at a set time. A message is displayed with or instead of the signal. Any settings may be saved as defaults. May be set to run again at intervals. Timer function too. Use it to remind of a meeting, a TV-show or to take a break!




Version: 1.5 - workaround to make it work with longer messages than the mailto format allows and support for selected text.

Creates a mail in your default mail program with the title and URL of all open tabs in the message! If you select any text in the page it will also be included!




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